What businesses survive any economy?

It’s very interesting thing to think that the economy has such a drastic impact on business.  but the truth on the economy makes all the difference on what we buy and sell and how we live.A great a great example of economic cycles occurred with the 2008 economic decline. I don’t want to sound like a professor of economy in reaching out to heights of despair A great a great example of economic cycles occurred with the 2008 economic decline. I don’t want to sound like a professor of economy in reaching out to heights of despair. But frankly I’m if you remember your spending habits prior to 2008 when the economy was flourishing, we were livining in a bit of a bubble and money was much more frivolous.  And the use of credit cards was much more in play. Frankly I’ll tell you I purchase things that I would not now because I had the income the comfort of knowing the economy was more stable.

The article I read on began to look at businesses that have survived major economic shift. I’ve always thought it interesting that some of the biggest corporations of our day will cottage industry start ups during the great depression.  So what do you think survives economic shift and what industry or business would you select if you were to start?

Booze. :Oddly enough on the very first thing on the list booze that would be anything from distilleryand Breweryto simple corner bars. It’s believe that alcohol flourishes is an industry because people have habits of drinking and in some cases it’s magnified with depressed economy.

Movie theaters: most people can still afford on the maker price of a movie ticket and theater screen abundance in every locality. It’s cheaper to go out to a movie and many other entertainment forms.

Cosmetics and soaps: can I be honest and tell you I was dancing when I heard this title is one of the top 10 industries that survive economic shift. We’ve noticed in fact each year we need to add volume of our business even though the economy is not fully recovered.

So what are some of the other industries that seem to whether almost any store? Specialty food stores and places like whole foods are flourishing because people are looking for a specific product line and it may well not be found in regular stores. Suites on craze to a local play green candy stores people are still looking for sweets even with the growing. And another big one is repair shops that we certainly can’t afford to replace appliances or cars or heating and air and often consider spending the money to employ someone to fix them. It’s back research is indicating that more than ever were utilizing repair services because we can’t afford to buy new.

Logical but this is that services. History is the number of baby boomers into agent die. Demand is growing for funeral arrangements and planning. And along similar lines is the use of tax services. Throughout the entire process tax preparers have been called. People who focus specifically eye on IRS processes and know the forms and unprofessional are highly sought after.

And a final industry that survives no matter what the thrift stores. Equating thrift stores with a healthier choice of living in less indulgence of purchasing palmers thrift stores are flourishing around our area and throughout the nation. Sadly Americans throw away a lot of great things that can be repurposed and take on a second life.

This was a very interesting article that encouraged me greatly. As we watch the economy must be frank and telling you I don’t believe it’s return to a pre-2008 place. People, our patrons, tenses spend their money very cautiously and 10 not to use credit cards. That’s wise not to spend what you don’t have by using credit cards. If you’re considering starting a business perhaps one of these add mention might be something to look into. Obviously the cost of starting business varies and the ability to access different businesses also varies. Certainly starting the funeral home or funeral services requires quite a lot of knowledge, education, and working capital. In fact there is licensing for this service is well. Other industries like the alcohol industry do you have a barrier to start up.