Surprising interest in silk earrings

On a whim I began working with silk cocoons to create something unique, and nothing you might find on the internet or in the world.  Unique, special, odd, and unusual.  I searched the internet intensely, looking at all of the ways people work with silk cocoons.  But in my mind was the vision to create something that maintained a majority of the form of the cocoon, yet had a modern but timeless feel.  A hint of whimsy, blended into a stylish design.

I launched the cocoons when we exhibited at Crosby Gardens Festival of the Arts in June, and spent the weekend chatting about the process, design and selling them well.  I love an art friendly educated buyer – they know or envision how your creation might fit their style, and understand the processes involved to bring it to the shelf.   Hmm, perhaps there is a market for these unusual adornments.

Shortly after that I visited one of the shops downtown that I have my fiber in, and spoke with the shopkeeper.  She was eager to see the cocoon earrings, and display them for sale.  So Fra Angelica gallery in the 5th Street Arcade took a supply of 14 pair of earrings and when i stopped to visit her yesterday there were only 5 pair left.  And she saw me from her back room and came to greet me and ask for more.  “The peas – please bring a few pair of the peas.  They are very popular”.

As I write this post I am planning my weekend to maximize the efforts to create cocoon earrings, dye silk and just get things together for this wonderful and grand adventure we are on.  But I feel so blessed to know there is an interest in the creations that come from deep in my soul.

Stay tuned… i am planning a fall cocoon series for the Log Cabin Gallery, and hope to share this with you in a near future post.