Several weeks ago I discovered an application that works with twitter, and allows you to broadcast video feed live from your cell phone or tablet. Have you heard of it?  The app allows you to use either android or iPhone for filming and live broadcasting, with real life feedback comments.  It also allows you to build up a following, and follow others.  If you miss the live broadcast it is possible to play the broadcast at any time after.   Because its new i am still learning, and my feeds look a bit amateur, but i was surprised at how many people have joined the live feed from around the world.

And i have been following a few people on periscope:

Michael Hyatt – If you are not familiar with Michael, he was the editor in chief of Thomas Nelson Publishing, and he moved on to develop his own leadership endeavor.  Advice is always practical, applicable, and highly useful.  Through his voracious reading and continual learning come wonderful insights that offer help and resources.  His daily periscope presents content that enhances his blog and podcasts.

Jeff Goins – He is a writer, and a mentor for want to be writers.  As one of the business leaders i want to glean information from i savor his wisdom, clarity and insight.  Jeff offers seminars, and over the past weekend during sessions he put up the periscope for each segment. Like Michael, Jeff offers clear steps, practical advice, and insight beyond his years.

In addition to business knowledge I have watched a few fascinating periscopes- a game preserve keeper on the Serengeti  in Africa capturing wildlife in the bush…. a leopard sleeping in a huge tree, elephants frolicking in a local water hole, Masaii tribesmen passing through.  And travelers… I journeyed with several people through the stone canyons of Petra in Jordan, and wandered through the man made stone caverns of Westminster Abbey with a tour guide.  Periscope can be what you make of it.  Delightful way to learn and grow.

I am doing my part to develop my skills with it, and plan to launch a regular periscope on basics of business, and insights from my reading.  Its new, its exciting and i think it will be a useful tool because it not only is video, but there is also an interactive chat going on – instant feedback.  Interesting.  Give it a try if you dare.