Wire crochet bead embroidery

Anyone who has followed me over the years have known i love to crochet, and not with yarn, but with wire.  My preferred medium is either 26 gauge Copper wire, or 24 gauge sterling silver wire.

this was my inspiration – not my creation. I loved the airy yet exotic look of this form.

My interest in working with wire began when i saw the most amazing chandelier earrings done in sterling silver with small freshwater pearls dangling at the bottom of the delicate wire crochet work.  I visited a few stores, bought wire and pearls and gave it a try.  My first outcomes were sad, but like all things, if you are not discouraged by the trial and error of learning the tension, and the ways of working with wire you will hone an interesting and unusual skill.   The biggest issue i had was consistency – one earring would be a perfect size, and the next would be much larger, or smaller, with a different tension.

So i moved to making “one of” things – brooches, and bracelets that are one of a kind.  This has been a lot of fun, using patterns and designs from my head.  And this time of year my brooches move to themed ideas – pumpkins, and fall leaves, with some abstracts.  Here is a quick look at some of the progress i have made preparing for the fall:

i really enjoy the little birds nests in a brown coated copper wire with fresh water pearls… small, delicate, and such fun.  I have a alot of work to go, preparing for the Christmas Season with little mittens, small birds, trees, and i think i am going to return to the sterling silver and pearl series…. so over the next few weeks you will see more of the wire crochet work.  I promise to post better photos.