Lakeside/Marblehead Lighthouse Festival


The festival stretches through Lakeside, and out onto the peninsula around the lighthouse.  We have never participated until this year, so we have no barometer to predict the event.  We do know that many people view this as the closing of the Lakeside season, with most of the visitors having gone home to their normal life, and those who remain celebrating the fall, and the lake through an art and food event.

We are watching the weather with great intensity this week because this will be our last outdoor show of the year.  And we are very blessed to have been asked by the Idylwild Bed and Breakfast to set up our booth out front of their establishment, right on Walnut Street in Lakeside.  The only caveat is that we cannot put up our tent… so we must create our displays unguarded to the elements.  This can be done, and with much prayer and planning we have a strategy for getting through the day.  Thankfully the weather is now looking less and less likely to have rain.  Thank God.

Hopefully you can visit us.  Lakeside/Marblehead is just on the other side of the bay from Sandusky Ohio, right on the lake.