Young enterpreneurs

Also known as Cherishing our Cheric!

For the past few years these two young guys spend their summer and fall sewing unique dolls of various types of material, buttons and drapery fringe.  The project started as a way of teaching them that income is earned, and showing them how to make things to sell.  That first year their goal was simple… to fund something like iPads.  They were successful, and decided to continue.  Now 4 years later they put their rack of dolls out and were sold out by 3pm  on Saturday.  And they look forward to their annual sale, putting robust effort into preparing, including the individualized card telling the owner the name of the doll. I must say we are so excited to see young boys taking this seriously, and carving an opportunity to raise money into something more.  Examples to others, encouraging of those who have chosen the life of entrepreneurial-ism, and giving adults a sense that there are kids that want to work hard.  We are so excited by their efforts that we think they should speak to schools, and church groups… kids need to catch this vision, and wow, would the world be a better place! right?