Big and exciting news

artcraft space

Well, as things go Steve and I have been searching for a small studio space to move the soap production to, and ultimately a teaching location also…. and we are thrilled to announce that as of the first of the year we have rented space in the Art Craft Building.  We plan to move in and be ready for full production effective the second week of January.  This is a quantum leap for us.  For 5 years our basement of our home, along with the dining room , and sometimes the living room have been consumed by our production, packaging and such.  We have longed for the opportunity to separate our home from our business, and here is the opportunity.

We will be on the 6th floor of ArtCraft, in the studio space along with Mark Yasenchack, Randy Maxim, Ikoko Michalski and the Lukens.  We are very honored to be in that space, and look forward to the opportunity to grow our business further.

We also have some plans for holding classes in soap making, and in silk painting.  More details on this opportunity soon.  For now we are planning, packing and preparing to move operations to this new studio space soon.  And ofcourse we plan to keep you posted.