Merry Christmas to all

Here it is, the end of the year, Christmas, and wow, how did we get here so fast!  It seemed like we were just settling in to the long winter of Janauary-March 2015, then jumping into the art show season… first with indoor events, then sprucing up our tents, and heading out into the elements for the summer and fall.  And ending with some amazing adventures in November and December.  In the midst of this we cut over to our own web site, and our own shop online.  (yes, i learned e-commerce coding… whoo hoo!!!).  We end the year wanting to thank each and every one for your support, patronage, and friendship.  We value you immensely, and wish you the most joyous of Christmas wishes, and a happy, prosperous and healthy 2016.  And we look forward to what the new year holds for all.

Steve & Barb