On this day….. thirty six years ago



On this day 36 years ago two much younger people went to church, dressed in our very finest…. White wedding gown for me, Tux for Steve and accompanied by a delegation of bridesmaids, ushers, family and friends. My dad gave me  away and the church was packed with people.  Our wedding was special… and we both seemed to know this was the right choice for a life partner.   And each day of our lives together have been a blessing to spend with each other that has only confirmed our decision and the commitment made before God and family/friends.  We have known the greatest joys in life, celebrated them with great joy and zeal.  And sadness and grief have touched our lives too…  Some of the hardest of times only reinforced our commitment to each other, and the determination to press on.  I love that about our life together.  And together we have grown up as people, and learned so much from each other and from life.  Steve is a very kind, generous and big hearted man who works so very hard.  On this day, and every day, I am so very thankful for my husband, Steve, and for our commitment that was made 36 years ago.  We are not those young people any more, yet our relationship is far more, deeper, intuitive, and good.  Thank you Steve for these 36 years so far…. and may it be at least another 36 years together…. come what may.


ps – OMG, can it really be 36 years ago?  Where have 3 and a half decades gone?  (Time truely flies)