Creativity, Crazy Weekends and New Friends

The last few weekends have been super busy.  Two weeks ago was a weekend  that was perhaps a bit over-packed, but it was a glorious weekend.  We headed off to Vermilion, a lakefront community at the western edge of Lorain county.  Vermilion is one of those rare communities with exhuberance for civic pride, organized volunteering, and wonderful activities.  As the weather warms one of the most noticable features of the city is flowers…. glorious plantings, and beautiful hanging baskets.  And they have a farm market each week, and so much more.  We went to Vermilion as vendors for the Vermilion in Bloom Garden Show in the Sailorway middle school.  I can tell you that from attending the event for a few years now we have a solid base of customers, and good friends.  We look forward to our day there because we are surrounded by nurseries, and glorious flowers ready to find their feet in our gardens.  So very lovely…. such a blast.

One of the most enjoyable things was seeing how much people found joy in our products, and our work.  I wanted to create something signature for our donation… something that would be unique, and utilize both their logo and my skills…. so i painted two scarves featuring the Vermilion in Bloom logo… and wow, they were a big hit.  One was a part of the trellis auction, and the other sold faster than i could ask about it.

But saturday morning started with one of the “idiot” lights flashing that a tire was low pressure.  We stopped at an air pump, and discovered one tire would not hold air.  Turns out that there is a little sensor in the tire that is damaged with salt and road chemicals… and over times it goes bad and basically shoots out of the tire.  The funny thing is the replaced sensor, and labor is as much as the tire itself… cost us $95 to repair and that was done quick.


As we took down our booth at Vermilion you would have thought our day was over…. oh no no no. We had a glorious stop at River Gallery to see the installation of Randy Maxin and Mark Yasenchack’s works.  They are studio mates at Art Craft.  Randy is a painter, and his work is modern but carries a sense of history, of what has influenced his life.  Mark is a ceramic artist that has turned his focus to delicate and amazing mosaics.  And their work was presented so simply at River Gallery.  We enjoyed our time there and had opportunity to chat with new and old friends alike.

It was an energizer bunny day and by no means was it done.  in fact… A friend was interested in seeing and attending a Russian Orthodox Church for Easter… the Resurrection Celebration.  And ofcourse I was raised russ