Hello Bay Arts!!!


Picture this…. perfect view of Lake Erie, picturesque landscape, wonderful beach, and lots of wonderful hiking, picnic, and space to do ART!  Yes indeed, Bay Arts is located in the vast expanse of Huntington Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.  Once part of the Huntington Estates, the buildings of Bay Arts are charming large homes that have been repurposed for gallery space, working art studio and gift shop space.  And once a year the grounds transform into an artist enclave for one day… tents line the green space in front of Bay Arts, and artists carefully display their works… everything  from watercolor and miniature paintings to ceramics, fiber, printmaking, and ofcourse dare i say “jewelry”.  Its a great day… there is a band playing on the porch of the Fuller house, food is simple picnic fare, and the atmosphere is fun.


This will be our 4th year there. We are delighted to have such a wonderful relationship with Bay Arts, and with their staff.  Truely a wonderful group of people committed to advancing art education in our region.  Come visit us on June 18th….. and bring the sunshine with you!!!