Made in Ohio is days away

Bucholic pastures, 18th century buildings, historic interpreters, the bleeting of sheep, the lowing of cows… and 150 artists of every form and fashion will discend upon Hale Farm and Village in Bath Ohio this weekend for the Made in Ohio festival.  Being in a setting with sunshine, fresh air and wide open expanses gives the Made in Ohio festival a special appeal.  Scattered throughout the grounds are minstrel bands playing 18th tunes with vintage instruments.  And there is food scattered throughout the venue.  Who can pass up the amish ice cream kept cool by a whirring mechanical generator…. delicious.  Last year as we hung out in our tent we were visited by a band of ladies – a flock of chickens that were attracted to me because of my watermelon salad… who knew chickens would love watermelon?

in honor of the chickens i have painted several pieces of silk with chickens, and framed the pieces… i cant wait to see if there is interest.  The big chicken turned out amazing.  You be the judge.  These were fresh off my frame, unblocked and unframed.  The chickens are 5″x7″, the rooster 8″x10″.  All of this was an inspiration from a customer.  Check out a future blog for photos of the framed project that got me started on painting framed pieces.

Back to Made in Ohio – All told there are about 150 artists from around Ohio offering handcrafted artistic wonderfulness.  We have done this event for 5 years, and know more than half of the vendors… which is nice.  And i am so thrilled to see that one of my class participants from the winter will be having her own booth on the trail.  If you stop by Hale be sure to look for Duffnise Scarves.  She does the most beautiful bead work with silk… very swanky and elegant.

Steve and I have been preparing and have a great selection of handcrafted soaps, shaving soap, and we are bringing our new line of shaving brushes.  I have a few more hours in the studio to get my silk ready for sale.  We will be found on the village green, just beyond the trail head, in booth #81.  Its just about where we were last year.

Here is a quick document showing who is vending, and the layout. (if you need to see the file below in larger form right mouse click on the image and choose “open image in new tab” – it will open in full size.