Take a class – Learn how to paint silk!

Have you ever wanted to make something special, unique, wearable art?   Silk painting is a great way to try your hand at painting.  So I have to tell you my story.  I have tried so many different forms of art, and some have been challenging.  I had visions of being Monet, or Renoire but in truth I found painting rather difficult.  One day when i was working for the hospital a coworker asked me to join her for a silk painting class.  I think i gave her an eye roll, and brushed off the idea.  But she was relentless…. and so I went.  The room was filled with tables on which were frames, and pieces of silk stretched and held in the frame.  Interesting..  After brief instruction we were given a brush, a tube of resist, and our imagination.  I pondered what to draw on the silk with the resist.  Finally i began drawing several large lilly like flowers that have either an egyption influence or art deco.  The resist quickly began to look interesting on the silk.  It dried quickly, and then it was time to paint.  When a design is drawn you have to think of it as a coloring book type design.  Every line must be solid, a barrier to prevent silk paint from flowing beyond.  As paint touches silk it wants to spread out as far as it can go.  I was memorized.

That class was 12 years ago.  I have to be honest in telling you i became obsessed.  I ordered all of the supplies, and worked on scarves as gifts to family and friends.  I worked on my skills, and developed a style of my own.  My palate is bold and bright.

So I have looked at my fall schedule, and made plans for a few classes at our studio at the Artcraft Building.

The class is 4 hours in length.  The fee includes all supplies, and one piece of silk.  I can supply designs to use, or you can bring your own sketch or design to work on.  At the end of the class you will have completed drawing a design on the silk using tubes of resist (fine tipped tubes), placed the silk on a frame and stretched it, then painted the silk.  I also offer tips on surface treatments (such as use of salt, and alcohol ) to create textures.

The class is limited to 6 people, and is 4 hours in length.  The cost is $70.00 per person, payable on the day of the class.

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