It all started with a question

“I have a friend that is a follower of your silk painting – but she would probably not wear a scarf – do you do anything that can be framed?”

Great question – Honest self disclosure here – i have not framed my silk before, but it seems relatively easy to do so…. And if i get the size correct there are some amazing options out there to frame my work.  I do have some working knowledge of dry mounting.  Skills that go untapped right now…. Deep sigh…

So I replied “Sure, i can do something and frame it for you! What did you have in mind?”

My customer replied “well, she love alpacas and llamas.”  Do you draw them?

Deep sigh again, because i just needed to study a photo or two and give it a bit of time to sketch things up.  I offered 3 of my own sketches, and a zentangle a friend did of a llama.  I found the cutest picture of an alpaca, and did a loose sketch of it…. and that was the winner.

I inked up the silk with the outline sketch, and had massive anxiety – what if i screw this up?  Wait a minute – its silk, i paint – relax.

So on what was possibly the hottest day on earth in the studio i painted the alpaca, refined the details, and worked on it for a few hours… and then showed Steve.

“Hey, i think you have something there – its charming” he said.

I took the completed silk painting with me to look at frames.  Visited several places, and finally found a lovely black frame, white matting, and a small black feature edging on the interior o the mat.  Alpaca seemed to find its home.  Even the framer said yes, that is the one….  So i held my breath, carefully stretched and framed the piece, and sent photos to my client.  She loved it.  So excited to deliver it, her eyes lit up when she saw it.  “But please don’t post anything until after the wedding, which is labor day weekend!  I don’t want her seeing a preview, don’t want the surprise spoiled.”

No worries.  You know i will keep my word.  So here it is, the day after Labor Day and I had to post this… i was busting at the seams to share it.  Meet my alpaca:

al the packa