Enterpreneurs – do you have the qualities to make it happen?

I just heard a saying that i thought was fascinating –

“Entrepreneurs run toward things the rest of the world runs away from.”

That has me thinking quite a good bit about my own spirit.  Do i have that sense, or sensibility to do what the world views as counter intuitive?

The entrepreneurial spirit in me comes from a deep passion for what we make, and a love for the process of creating, developing, growing.  This work of building a business satisfies me in ways that the 9 to 5 job can never even approach.  I should qualify that statement by indicating my experience has been that either my gifts and talents are sharply underutilized, resulting in complete boredom and frustration; or they are undervalued.  That is not the case when you work for yourself… Everything we do, or do not do will ultimately affect the outcome of our business success.

I found a graphic representation of the characteristics of an entrepreneur and wanted to share that with you.  Source is enterpreneur.com

enterpreneurI have to tell you that #5 comes very hard for me.  I dont ask for the sale very often.  I think it is because I have always respected people to make their own decisions on purchases.  I realize there are times when you have to ask, so this is a working point of growth for me.  Number 24 is totally not rational to a two person business… we a re everything… from the delivery person, production manager, designer, marketer, branding experts, etc.  The hat i love most is  “Chief Creative Officer”…. because that is where i love to just experiment, and test out the market to see how that new product responds.  I love the people.  Our customers are the best on earth… and we have a small following that look for us in certain venues, or visit shops where our products are available just for our goods.  We love that.

So entrepreneurial spirit is born out of passion, it is a fire in the belly that once it is lit becomes a driving force.

source of chart: enterpreneur.com