Readers are leaders – My winter reading recommendations

Books are a gift that gives its benefits long after you are done reading it.  If you have been following me you know that i love to read.  I am primarily a nonfiction kind of woman, with a great thirst for greater insight into life, and history.  I have been focusing my attention on some pretty interesting topics.

I picked up a book on tidying up with hopes of life hacks to improve my less than organized home.  The books was insightful – and when i apply the information its super helpful…. i just need to apply it!!!

Some of the titles here had rippling effects on my thinking.  One of the most profound was the title “The Obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday.  Filled with case studies and historic illustrations I was reassured to know that every generation that has lived on this planet has discovered a great gift of having life go off the rails, or find an impassable obstacle in the road.  Its not so much the obstacle, but the willingness to work through it and find triumph over the trials.  Simple and clear insights have found their way into my thinking, and help me to realize how agile and nimble in my life plan i need to be.  I was listening to this book with Audible, while i was painting in the studio and i have to tell you the only writing object i had close was a black sharpy… that brown paper table cover looks like a crazy woman with a sharpy was taking notes there.  (I was) – and i do not want to change the table covering because it is inspirational.  One of the most inspirational quotes i have posted at my desk in my office:

“Within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”  – Marcus Aurelius

I could just go on with qotes and nuggets – but i think that is a seperate blog post for another time.

Here are the books i have read so far this year:

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