Do we get it backwards in business?

One of the common themes I keep hearing in business is “If we build it they will come.”  The idea that you work to develop a great product and purely because of the product you will find the customers has been the logical practice of business for a long time.  But is that accurate?  Has something changed?  Or was this a bad piece of logic?

So much to think of as you build a business – what is the logo, the business name?  Website?  Who will design it, and what will it look like? Will you choose an e-commerce platform, sales method, or build your own?  Marketing, production, office location, yikes!  The planning and thoughts of operation are endless.  But are we doing rightly by choosing to focus on the details first?  Or should we stop building the products and do something different first?

One of the voices I listen to in developing my business is Jeff Walker.  He is a self made entrepreneur with clear whit and wisdom.  Working on a website, or developing a logo is necessary but it consumes our time,and may not really be  productive to the development of a business in his opinion.  Jeff offers these two points for building a business:

  1. Build your tribe – build a group of people that believe in you, believe in your ideas, follow you, and consequently follow your company and products.  The tribe is essential, and the foundation for everything.
  2. Build the best products you can – and the products you are proud to stand behind.

Wow, affirming to know that we are doing exactly these things, in that order.  From our first days as a company we knew the virtue of people who believe in us, and desire to follow us, support us, and cheer us on.  The tribe has become some of the best sources for products, and for information.

We believe in everything we make, and know that the ingredients are the best we can find, made with great care, and well thought out.  It is a pleasure to stand behind everything we make.  We are thankful that you feel that way too.