Reading that impacts – The lifechanging magic of tidying up

OK, so this is a blog about our business – how does a book on tidying up make sense here?  Well the truth is this blog has several purposes… one of which is to share what I am reading, and growing with.  Frequent readers will know I love to read, and if I could you would find me in a quiet nook soaking in some new publication.  I do prefer non fiction, and love those practical, applicable, actionable books that give clear insight, and clear plan for the next step.  This is true of a book i read recently titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.

She is a very organized woman with a clear plan since childhood of how to organize and tidy up everything.  One of the threads of theme she weaves into her book is the thought that we have far too much stuff and we should learn how to live more simply.

I actually was listening to this book on audio while working in my studio, and quickly began to resonate with the idea that stuff can take over, add to a sense of imbalance, even chaos.  (If anyone were to open the door to my spare room I would dive under the bed in total embarrassment because it is a storehouse of stuff – lots of stuff that has been stored there for a while. )

Marie presents a way of life – not a quick 10 step plan, which means it is a mind set shift.  She recommends taking time to assess what you have and ask a simple question – does this bring me joy?

I will be honest that the book started in me the need to develop a lifestyle where everything has a place and i keep everything in its place.  This motivated me to look at my stuff and begin giving away some of it.  I will confess that the two large garbage bags of yarn have a new home, as do several boxes of craft supplies i have not touched.  And now working on more stuff.

But the book led to a clear insight into how much materialism has impacted my sense of happiness in a negative light.  The ownership of lots of stuff means the management and maintenance of lots of stuff.  And that takes more time.  Or, if you are like me, the neglect of some stuff causes a sense of imbalance, chaos, and loss of control and order.  And that leads to other issues.  I am discovering how much joy it is to pare down what i own, and find a home for each and every thing I want to retain.  I am not done, but it feels much healthier these days.  The clutter is reduced, and my thoughts are becoming more clear.

Take the time to read this book.  It will change your life if you allow it to.  There is so much more to her “Kondo Method” that cannot possibly be captured here adequitely.  Suffice it to say its one book for 2017 that everyone should read.

Hope you join me in finding joy in Tidying Up!!!!