Month: March 2017

Do we get it backwards in business?

One of the common themes I keep hearing in business is “If we build it they will come.”  The idea that you work to develop a great product and purely because of the product you will find the customers has been the logical practice of 

Are you an organized or chaotic organizer?

“How organized do you have to be to work full time and have a full time business too?” Does life distill down to a simply well planned life, checking boxes of to do lists, and planning meticulously what will happen and when?  Or do you 

Readers are leaders – My winter reading recommendations

Books are a gift that gives its benefits long after you are done reading it.  If you have been following me you know that i love to read.  I am primarily a nonfiction kind of woman, with a great thirst for greater insight into life, 

Sharing our story

Each of us have a story to share with the world.  Some of us have profound high profile stories, and others have stories of everyday life… but the important thing is finding the voice to share your story.  It takes a measure of courage, vulnerability