Hessler Weekend!!!!

Right on Case Westeern REserve’s campus, a block from the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Ford Rd is the small brick street and wood court known as Hessler.  This is perhaps the last of the old row houses in Cleveland and was the epicenter of Hippy Culture of the 60s.  For this one weekend a year we time travel back to that era with tie dye, and lots of music.  The stage will have 27 performers, beginning at 11am on Saturday, and concluding with Carlos Jones band on sunday evening.

We a re in booth 24 and we would love to see you if you stop by.  There is a lot to see and do, and always a chair at our booth for you to join us and watch people.  This is the best people watching venue around.

So, Peace Love and Lemonade – and we hope you will join us for some of the fun.  Want more details about the music?  Click this link and you will go to the hessler s treet fair venue: