The high price of freedom

Freedom is not free.  And we are free because of a high price paid by men and women throught the history of our nation willing to defend and protect our nation, its people and the land.  As you fire up your grill, or plan the day of picnics and festivities please take time to stop and remember the high price our freedom carries, and the responsibility we have to tell their stories.

I am fortunate enough to have grown up in the home of a WWII veteran, my father.  He spent almost the entire duration of that war in uniform, jumping from planes as a paratrooper behind enemy lines.  He saw the sands of North Africa, and the Italian coast, and was part of the invasion at Normandy.  He was a good historian, sending home photos, souvenirs of war and post cards from his adventures.  As a child i thought nothing of looking through his history, the paper currency of war torn Germany, the odd curly pointed Moroccan shoes, the dutch wooden shoes… these were in my mind far off exotic places my father had traveled to.  I did not realize then the price of his time in war.  Having fellow soldiers die in his arms,  of shooting the enemy to stay alive, of creatively pulling together the language of his immigrant parents to communicate with other armies, and of the toll on his youth that war took.

These days there are few WWII vets left, the Korean war vets are also aging and dying, and taking many of their stories with them.  Honor those you know who have served and give them the opportunity to share their story.  This is also the price of freedom.

Happy Memorial Day!