River Light Gallery – Amazing

Several years ago we met Diane, the owner of River Light Gallery in Peninsula and knew that she was a woman who has a curated artistic eye.  Well, naturally because she is a photographer, with brilliant landscape scenes that are amazing.  Her work is always interesting, colorful and wonderfully framed.  We met her because she curates a little log cabin in her back yard with pop up art shows.  We were invited to bring our soap, and a few of my pieces of silk and wire crochet to the cabin.  It was the start of a wonderful professional friendship.

River Light Gallery is housed in a very old structure that dates to perhaps before the civil war…. and it was recently renovated with

the greatest sensitivity to keeping the architectural integrity.  Located at 1663 Main Street in downtown Peninsula, there is ample parking and it is a short walk from restaurants and the Cuyahoga Valley Line train stop .

We are delighted that the River Light Gallery carries our full line of soaps, shave, and lotion bars.  And we are honored to be in such a shop that carries beautiful glass, amazing wheel thrown pottery, unique lamps, amazing jewelry and so much more.  Short story – you should go and visit her.

And by the way, she has a wonderful supply of our jewelweed soap, the natural remedy for poison ivy.  We had such demand on that soap this year that we have run out… the new batches are curing but will not be ready for a week or two… so visit Diane if you need the jewelweed soap!