How is your mindset?

Huh, mindset?  I mean – how are your thoughts?  Are you focusing on things that are good, encouraging, strengthening, and productive?  or are you finding yourself saying things to yourself, and others that are less than good?

I just finished a book that i find myself returning to again just to soak in some of the insight, and clarify some of the points i have missed in my life.   I am on a quest to free myself from those thoughts that limit my capacity, and limit my perceptions.  Have you ever thought about what you say to yourself?  Are you kind?  or are you tougher on yourself than on anyone else?

“You are a Badass -How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero has brought a watershed of inspiration to me.  At the heart of the matter I have always believed I was born for something more than the mundane life I have lived.  And I have also believed for many years that anything beyond the ordinary was beyond my capacity.   WRONG!!!!!!

One of the biggest obstacles to greatness is my very own thoughts and mindset.  After our financial collapse of 2010 and some serious self talk both my husband and I began to understand that we can change our lives by steadily changing how we perceive life, taking risks, laying down fear, and going for it.

A quote i actually have written on my cubicle captures the idea well:

“Our thoughts become our words,

Our words become our beliefs

Our beliefs become our actions

Our actions become our habits

and Our habits become our realities.”  – Jen Sinchero

Self talk is important.  OK, here is another quick list – spend a few moments examining how you talk to yourself, and what you are conveying to others:

  • What do i say to myself, how do i talk about myself?  Are you kind, or are you critical?
  • What are you saying to others by your actions, habits, behaviors?
  • Are you a risk taker?
  • Do you fear success?  (yes, i said success.  Life changes when we choose to push through and seek success out.  It means changes to more than our economic conditions…. do we fear that?)
  • Do you believe you have something unique to contribute to the world?
  • Are you willing to share yourself with the world for the betterment of all?
  • Are you willing to risk loosing friends that dont want to pursue the same direction in life?

Wow, i know, not light reading here.  But if you are willing to search your own thoughts, and perhaps make small changes you will see forward movement to more successful and wider expanses of life.  The capacity is there.   We limit ourselves with our very own thoughts.