Are you the obstacle in your success?

If you have talked with me in the last month you know that I am obsessed with a book called “You are a Badass- How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” by Jen Sincero.  The book is stuck in the forefront of my thoughts.  Beyond the title, which will wake you up a bit, the content is insightful and practical.

How might we be sabotaging our capacity?  Are there things we do that cause success to avoid us?  Is there something practical we can do to change this direction?

  • What do i say and think about myself?  Are my thoughts and words focused on inadequacies, inability, or perceptions that limit what i can accomplish?  Words that we speak to ourselves, or that we tell others will shape who we are, and what others believe of us.   Watch for statements like “oh, i could never do that.  I’m too short, too fat, to slow, i dont have that kind of education, or connections, or I am not capable of that.”  Statements that make suppositions and set limits will never let you find your true voice, and your true capacity.  Let go of the fears, and apprehensions about life and just give in and give yourself a chance to grow.
  • What you believe impacts everything.  If you believe you can become anything and that nobody and nothing will slow you down then by golly you will do it.  If your beliefs are insecure, and speculate about everything you will only grow to a point.
  • Fear and risk – Fear is a traveling companion that needs to leave.  You need to break up with this fear (unless you are standing on the precipice of a steep cliff, or face to face with a rattlesnake, ofcourse).  As you push past fear you will discover there is a whole different world on the other side… where you can risk, and try to expand your capacities.

We a re all guilty of bad self talk, of living limited by fears and lacking the willingness to take risks… but here is the challenge… For 15 minutes every day just get quiet, and ask yourself what you want from life.  Dream big, get serious, and begin to write down the thoughts that come to mind.  Once you know what you truely want to accomplish in this life the next challenge is to examine how and what you say about your capacities.  Thats for another blog!