Soap of the month: February

Our soap of the month for February is an exotic and mild one:

This soap formula is a creamy white soap blended with Olive oil, coconut oil palm oil. Rice bran oil, Shea butter, evening primrose, castor oil and a soft and mild fragrant oil blend. The fragrance features soft and soothing rice flower and the earthy fragrance of Shea butter.

There are a few hero ingredients in this soap:

Shea butter is a super moisturizing ingredient, helping to increase moisture retention.

Evening Primrose is a super fatty oil, similar to fish oils, which is absorbed through the skin. Evening Primrose Oil helps with skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema and very dry skin.

Our soap products are made with the best ingredients we can find. We love to research and create formulas of soap that offer solutions. This works great on dry skin and is definitely a big answer to improved skin in general.

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