Silk Play Day

One of the little joys of life is gathering together with friends new and old, and working together on creative endeavors.  Silk painting is one of those things that always sounded so frightfully challenging when i was younger.  But a friend dragged me to a class, and i discovered my bliss.

And that is the primary goal of silk play day – have fun, learn something, make beautiful things, and develop new friendships.  The  actual process is straight forward – i have a large amount of drawings, but you can bring your own, or if you have something special you are looking for we can work on creating something for you.  You bring the creativity, a snack, and i provide the supplies for the day.

Step 1 – the drawing is put down on the work surface

Step 2 – the silk is taped on top of the drawing.  We use painters masking tape – which does not affect the silk in any way.

Step 3 – pick your color of resist, and begin tracing your design on the silk using your tube of resist.

Step 4 – stretch the silk on a frame for painting

Step 5 – select your paint colors, your brushes, and grab any special effects – water, alcohol, salt

In between and at any point i have coffee and tea on, and we will have lots of snacks.  Its a low stress day, and I am always there, so if you need anything i can help.

Everything happens in the big room on the 6th floor adjacent to my studio at the Artcraft Building, 2570 Superior Avenue, Cleveland .  Its an old factory building, but its great space for creativity.

(Due to building constraints i have very limited access to this room…. so this is a rare opportunity.)

Bring a friend, a snack and $30/person and you will end up with a lovely wearable work of art created by your very own hands.

Click here to sign up.