i have been quiet on the blog

Every business marketing specialist will tell you that consistency is the key to a successful communication plan.  Well, that said i guess i blew it. In our business plan the goal is always to review, revise and course correct…. so i must tell you that the business of the business has consumed a good part of my time carved out to write.  Now that our business plan review and revision is done i hope to get something written and published a few times a week.

So whats on my mind today?

  1. How to beat the heat, especially in our studio which is a 1905 garment factory building without air conditioning.  – we are blessed to have the lake breeze and with all the windows open ,and a few killer fans going work is bearable.  Of course bearing the heat in a tent at an art show is another story…. we know all the tricks (i think) to survive high temps…. lots of cold bottled water, frozen wash cloth in the cooler, cool clothing, and when possible a big fan blowing air about.  Oh, and a hat… always a great idea to have a hat on just to keep the sun away a bit.  I have an old sweet straw hat that has endured a number of years of service,  and Steve likes his ball caps.
  2. I am pondering the next 3 months of our schedule, and all of the logistics involved.  We have one more week of preparation time, and then on to a busy schedule of almost every weekend through mid October.  We are accepted into a few juried shows that are new to us, such as Y-Bridge Art Festival in Zainesville (the first weekend of August) and The Franklin PA Apple Fest (the first weekend of October).  It wil lbe a lot of travelling, including Cambridge, OH for Salt Fork Art Fair,  York Pennsylvania for Yorkfest, and then Labor Day weekend we are at Hale Farm and village for “Made in Ohio Festival”.   September continues to be busy with Berea Art Fest the second sunday, and then we are waiting to hear on Tremont Art and Culture Festival the third weekend.  We take a deep breath for a week, and then on to Franklin, PA and then on to Lighthouse Festival in Lakeside.   It seems like a daunting schedule, but I just know that it will go by so quickly.
  3. Work Life Balance – its always just under the surface of my thoughts… juggling full time work, full time business, and keeping the home.  Some times you just run out of energy and something is sacrificed.  It can never be my day job, nor can it be the business…. so it is usually quality time at home.  Its always a work in progress to get this balance right.

Well thats a start… and here i am, hopefully writing again on a regular basis.