Is it a dirty 4 letter word to you? or is it fuel for the next step of the adventure this life brings?

Its another commonly discussed concept in business books, and entrepreneurial pod casts for good reason. Fear can be something that stops us dead in our tracks or it can be the fuel to push forward to the next big thing.

In my life fear has been a companion on this life’s journey. As a child i was fearful of almost everything and everyone. Fear can be helpful, protective… as in protecting us from harm. But when it limits, or prevents us from using our gifts and talents to communicate with others or stops us in our tracks this kind of fear is not productive.

So how do you filter out fear, and not allow it to disable you?

  • Be honest with your self…. sit with your fear for a few minutes and just allow yourself to be ok. Deep breaths
  • Keep a notebook handy, and write down what the fear is, and think about how it will impact you. Write that down…. creating a “pros and cons” list. Often when you diagram out the fear it is less of a threat or you have clear guidance on how to deal with it.
  • Ask yourself if you can move beyond this fear? what will that take?
  • If you choose to succumb to the fear how will this impact your life over the long-term?
  • Ask why the fear has come up in your life?
  • Reach out to a trusted friend who has been through times of fear and seek their guidance.

To be honest, as we move into uncharted places in life fear will arise. We all live with a measure of healthy fear. It is when fear keeps you disabled, frozen in your tracks, unable to get past it that you really need to reach out for help.

Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming your fear is a sign of success!” – Seth Godin

One more recommendation – keep a journal, or a private blog where you record these fears… and their outcome. Over time review your journal and you will begin to see how you have gained footing over the disabling fear, and begun to use it to fuel your future.