2010 was quite a year!

This year we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on our life and the adventures of the last decade. As the clock hits midnight and we celebrated happy new year 2010 Steve and I were gainfully employed and comfortable. Our lives were somewhat easy with predictable career jobs, a sweet dog, a comfortable old houseThat we had no one is home for a while and a good neighborhood. You couldn’t ask for more.

Little did we know that within a few months everything would be shattered with the loss of not one job and both of our careers in an environment where the economy was stressed with the economic upheaval experience nationwide. The market was not open to employing people and in fact we were ahead of the curve on the layoffs. Everything we need to do to source out work seem to fall on deaf ears. Countless resumes, endless phone calls, massive campaigns to reach out to friends and colleagues for work fell on deaf ears. And while we were searching for work our bills continue to come in despite our income being greater than half what we previously made.

With no apparent opportunities on the horizon we had to dig deep and start looking for other alternatives. I return to my passion for art and tried to do all things art and crafts including crocheting large beach bags out of grocery store plastic bags. That supplemental income made the difference on paying a bill or two but it was Steve’s innovative idea to learn how to make soap that would be a mainstay in that era.

So why am I thinking about 2010? It was a humbling year that could have left us on our knees, incapacitated, traumatized and left feeling as though the world had rejected us. That feeling was real. That loss of a sense of purpose, of not being able to utilize the education, trainingAnd knowledge we have gained through our careers was something we were not prepared for. It was only recently that a few family members told us they watched as carefully in 2010 wondering if we would come through this trial of our finances, and our mindset.

With the help of God and the prayers of 1000 people we have made it through. And we’ve learned to rise from the ashes, and find a new purpose in this life of ours. 2010 was a bitch, but it was a bitch that taught us great lessons we would’ve never known before or had never wanted to learn

So the bottom line of this quick post is simply this: when life hands you something you don’t know what to do with take a deep breath, lick your wounds, assess the damage, and find a way of standing up again. It’ll look different to each of us, but the most important thing is never staying down on the mat when life knocks you down

So our business is both a blessing and a privilege. And it’s a reminder that there is so much more to life than what we choose to know or live. Give yourself Grace to fail at life, but don’t stay there. As one of my favorite podcaster Rachel Hollis says- Rise!!!!