Here comes the new year

Countdown To Midnight - Happy New Year 2021 - Abstract Defocused Background. Clock And Fireworks royalty free stock images

What can we say, except, bring on the new year!!! We long for a fresh year, and the hope of returning to a sense of normalicy. Not the new normal, but the real normal we have known prior to the crazy year that was 2020.

This post has been rewritten multiple times, each time that draft was abandoned because it was just not what i hoped to communicate.

So what to say? That click of the clock to a new year is always a time to lay down all those things that keep us from the life we hope to have. And this year of 2020 was for me a purge of more that the clutter in the attic. It was a soul searching year for many of us, from the quarantine, to the violence in the streets, to the ongoing fraudulent activity of the elections. Our lives changed so much.

whatever 2020 was, my wish for you is that 2021 will be filled with joy, health, prosperity and a fresh start. Happy New Year!!!