Month: February 2021

Planning our Art Fairs in Pandemic times

By this time in mid february our business would have sent off a dozen applications to art fairs throughout the year…. but the pandemic changed that pattern last year, and we have been cautiously planning for the year. There is alot to think about, including 

Lavender – More than just a pretty purple flower

So what do you know about lavender? We are exploring the plant and how wonderful it is in our products.

Change is always happening.

I am old enough to have the ability to look back multiple decades, to realize the world of today is so vastly different from the world of my childhood . And as we go onward the changes are more rapid, and not always as encouraging. 

Focus on – Shave Soap

we make s have soap. did you know that have soap saves your razor blade from degrading as quickly because we dont use harsh chemicals in our soap.