What fuels your creativity?

Each of us are different, and what motivates and inspires one person may be completely different that that of another. I have been asking myself that question because since the pandemic it has felt that my creativity has been absent. Here is the list of things that inspire me:

  • Nature – whether walking through a beautiful park, or hands in the soil gardening there is something regenerating for my soul, and the sounds of birds, and dogs, the sunlight, the colors of flowers and the shapes of growing vegetables moves me.
  • Music – I love a wide variety of music, and having it playing in the background to energize my creativity. From classical to hard rock… bring it on….
  • Other Artists – a favorite activity is walking through an art museum, staring at works of art that were cutting edge, pace setters for the art world. The vision of the world through their eyes, and hands commands fresh inspiration.
  • Written words – poetry, a riveting novel, or inspired non fiction – ideas and words have power. Its funny, i started listening to books on tape, and can tell you what i was listening to when i look at my art work. Of vivid memory is a silk scarf that was a sketched study of sparrows and asiatic lillies… i was listening to the book written by Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl that was attacked violently because she felt education should be for all. Her book “I am Malala” was a sweeping story of turmoil, cultural tensions, old world ways vs new… and the attempt of one girl to fulfill her sovereign right to education. She lived the attempt on her life, and has gone on to be a force in the world for change. That really inspired me as i painted.
  • Whimsey – ideas fresh from your thoughts.

Inspiration can come in many ways. I hope you find yours, and keep on being creative.

By the way, there is a free quiz created by adobe that allows you to find out what kind of creative you are. I would encourage you to take the 5 minutes and find the answer. It is refreshing – but one caution. To thy own self be true – answer truthfully. Here is the link – click on the picture, or go here : https://mycreativetype.com/

Here is my results: