Month: March 2021

Do you garden?

The feel of sun warmed soil, the smell of tomato plants, the satisfaction of time well spent in the garden…. nothing can compare. Since i was 7 years old i have raised a garden. Some years it was a huge swath of the back yard, and other years it was a few potted tomatoes and basil. Last year amid the pandemic i renewed my passion for growing our own vegetables and it was satisfying to head to the back yard and just pick weeds, listening to the birds singing, and the neighbor kids playing. And those harvests of fresh tomatoes, eggplant, beans and peppers were the best.

the challenge

nspired by the Meet the Maker March series, I developed a challenge for April which is titled Artist April. The goal of my instagram challenge is to explore the artist journey through photos about the interests, inspiration and work of an artist. As you learned through March, the life of an artist/maker is one that takes intention, inspiration and a love for what we do. My hope is that in April we peek back the curtain to see the mind and heart of those artists that contribute to beautifying and expressing the many facets of life.

Building our Schedule

We have made some big changes to our business, and we will not be doing as many art fairs and shows this year. But that does mean we will plan to be at some events this year. As of this post we have applciations in, and are waiting for the word to come from the juries of each of these festivals. But this is what we know: join us to find out whats on our schedule.


What are your favorite memories of life? We are continuing the Meet the Maker March series with a look at some of our favorite memories and adventures. Come with us on the adventures. Hessler Street Fair – We have done a bunch of art fairs