Change is always happening.

I am old enough to have the ability to look back multiple decades, to realize the world of today is so vastly different from the world of my childhood . And as we go onward the changes are more rapid, and not always as encouraging. But the bottom line is change is constantly with us. How do you handle the changes? Consider these thoughts to get you through:

  • Keep a sense of humor – learn to laugh at situations you cannot control.
  • Breathe – don’t rush to decisions about changes too quickly. Often what seems so overwhelming in the moment actually has some redeeming virtue, or it just starts to look different if we give some time to just sit with the changes.
  • Remember that stability is not a given thing… we will find that stability is fleeting so don’t rely upon that being part of life.
  • There is always something good around the corner.

In 2010 both of us lost our long time career jobs, and the income just dried up. It felt like we were cancelled from society and put out on an ice flow, but the reality is we discovered new skills, and we took the leap to open our own business. Had we continued to have the constant flow of income from our old jobs we would have never discovered what was within us that we could use.

Change is something that we learn to live with. I must say that in my younger years i looked for stability and hated change. As i have grown older it has been a learning curve – and a skill i work on to hone.

So take a breath, it will be ok. and try to find the gem in the situation, and we will all continue to move forward.