Finding Stability in a Rapidly Changing World

We are all there… watching our world shift in a very rapid way. Not just politics, but watching the world seem to be unraveling into a sense of madness. How we live, do business, and express ourselves is also changing. Whether it is concerns for loss of freedom of speech, or the uncertainty of this pandemic experience, we are learning that life is different. How do you find stability? How do you cope?

I have been asking myself that question, and journaling my thoughts over the past year. I hope you might find encouragement and strength from this list which by no means is a be all list.

  1. Keep a positive outlook – by all means don’t let your thoughts and emotions go to fear and discouragement.
  2. Look at and question the sources of information that might be contributing to your emotions and fears
  3. Keep calm and carry on – that famous posted from WWII era England is just good sense. No matter what else is happening in the world, the daily routine is a stabilizing force in life… having that sense of purpose to cook dinner, do laundry, grocery shop, walk the dog will always continue.
  4. Emotions are real – accept the idea that in times of rapid change emotions will rise because we may feel insecure, fearful, frustrated or just down right uncomfortable. Noone like big changes, rapid changes. But we can begin to look at our emotions to realize what triggers them, and work around that.
  5. Find comfort in faith – I find it essential to start my day reading my bible and centering my thoughts there. Faith is a stabilizer for life.
  6. You cant eat an elephant in one sitting – its a funny expression, but the intent of it is to realize that change may be broad and overwhelming. Try to find a way to divide the changes into bites you can digest, and don’t try to take on everything at one time.
  7. Rest – Change brings great stress to our body, mind and soul. We need to take care to plan down times, and incorporate times that re energize us so we can continue on.
  8. Make room for creativity – Cook that fabulous gourmet meal, paint that painting, plant that garden, refinish that curbside find, or write something. We all have some type of creativity. find yours!
  9. Call a friend – For those of us who like face to face contact this has been a tough year…. no hugs, video conference faces, and a sense of isolation. But we are wired to be social. Check in with friends, and family. We need each other.
  10. Don’t allow yourself to step back from life, or hide. Life continues on – and we need to stay in the process.

I am not a counselor, or life coach – just sharing my thoughts out there, with the hope that what i have learned will help you too. Change is very hard for most people and if we are honest we will have to admit that at times the struggle to navigate changes is real. Always remember that you have a unique set of gifts that the world needs. Never let changes disable you from being you.