Priorities and Prioritizing

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a small business that you are working on? We started Images in Bloom studios LLC in 2010 with a simple goal of creating the best natural soap we could make using as much locally sourced ingredients. Our studio production now is one of the many hats we wear, so we had to redefine our priorities.

How do you set priorities? What must take priority, and what can be scheduled out a bit? And how do you keep your calm and plan this out? (By the way, on those personality tests i am always the one that plans and has to have something thought out on paper ahead of time. I am learning to be more flexible but i really like having a plan in hand.

Here are some of our priorities:

  • Studio production – we are regularly making 4-5 batches of soap per day, trying to anticipate demand
  • Website updates – always tweeking posts, photos, editing inventory quantity, improving everything.
  • Preparing for delivery to various shops
  • Preparing inventory for our show schedule.

This year we are building in time to get things done around the house too, including gardening.

What are your priorities?