Life throws Lemons

What is on the top of mind these days are the number of friends and acquaintances battling tough diagnosis and serious health conditions. As my one friend said “Life can be perfectly normal today and tomorrow its gone to a place you did not imagine.” Being pelted with stinging life changing news is not easy. And finding the courage to push through, and fight sometimes takes more than our own strength. Here are some questions i am asking myself today:

  • Am i prepared to walk through difficult things, whether for myself or someone else?
  • Do i have a circle of supportive friends and family to surround me if i need it?
  • Am i willing to be there for others, and meet needs, pray for them, ,be a support?
  • how can i improve my own role in other peoples lives?

As you may know, in 2010 we had the financial rug pulled out from under us, and in the chaos of regrouping we fought to return to a normal place, but the fight was not alone. We knew there were family and friends cheering us on from the distance. And knowing there were people that believed in us made all the difference in weathering the hard times.

At the heart of what i want to convey today is this: We are not an island onto ourself. Each of us need that contact, those words from another, the hug in silence that says “I know, and you will be ok”. So whatever comes our way will not sink us because we have friends and family that believe in us, see our gifts and want us to share them with the world.

To my friends struggling with health issues know that you are not alone. We are there for hugs, prayers, meals, or whatever. Hold on, fight the good fight.