We love Color!!!!!

Years ago when both of us were finishing our college education i took class on the sociology of city life, and that is when i discovered an interesting concept. Color plays an integral role in improving the spirits of city dwellers. Living close together in a dense urban space often the colors are grays and dull. Pops of color lift the spirits and brighten up the space.

We loved that idea, and definitely wanted to incorporate color in our business. Steve uses color in limited amounts in his soap making…. but the color brightens up the soap. We try to use natural ingredients to create color in the soap. Here are a few ingredients and the color they offer:

  • Charcoal powder – Black color, but also a natural detox when blended in soap.
  • Madder root powder – A pinky beige (almost skin color)
  • Carrot powder – orange
  • Tumeric – yellow
  • Annatto seeds – when kept whole, they add texture to the soap. When ground up, a deep cheese yellow
  • french green clay – a deep earthy green
  • walnut hull – deep brown (also adds texture to the soap)

We also use natural mica powders in various colors that only require a teaspoon to a batch to fully color the soap batch.

Silk painting can be as soft and subtle, or bold and wild as possible. I love color, and keeping that idea that color lifts our spirits in mind it is my goal to create vivid designed surfaces in wearable form. Here are a few of my scarves.