Meet the makers march continues with our looks at jobs in our business. We hope you are enjoying the series, and learning more about us. From my side it is a challenge to develop the posts but we believe in transparency, honesty and clarity so this actually helps us refine our business plan too.

Here are a few batches of soap with their labels in the drying racks, ready to be wrapped.

Jobs! One thing you can certainly say is when you have a small business there are a lot of things to do, and seldom enough time to accomplish them all. When we began the business one point we both firmly agreed on was that we want to offer jobs for others, and a way to lift up others. In our grand plan we will have grown to have a sizable work force accomplishing much of the work.

Several years ago we realized our business growth would mean that we would need to hire help. Until covid arrived and shut down everything we had a small work force of 2 young ladies that wrapped our soap brilliantly. Since the pandemic we are going it alone again, partly because we wanted to be cautious, and partly because our business income changed with the loss of revenue from stores carrying our products, and art fairs.

But our goal is to return to having a small work force wrapping our soap, and at some point we can think of additional tasks and projects. Stay tuned.

But why the desire to hire people? We remember how traumatic it was to loose our jobs, find the market shut up, unresponsive, and leaving us without income to pay for our life. I remember at one of our most desperate moments that i was willing to do just about anything, as long as it was legal. And i remember getting work finally, being giddy for the opportunity. Somehow i think this might be true of others too.