Do you garden?

The feel of sun warmed soil, the smell of tomato plants, the satisfaction of time well spent in the garden…. nothing can compare. Since i was 7 years old i have raised a garden. Some years it was a huge swath of the back yard, and other years it was a few potted tomatoes and basil. Last year amid the pandemic i renewed my passion for growing our own vegetables and it was satisfying to head to the back yard and just pick weeds, listening to the birds singing, and the neighbor kids playing. And those harvests of fresh tomatoes, eggplant, beans and peppers were the best.

I have been feeling like the modern life is far to fast paced, stressful, and a challenge to just find place to stop, and breathe. I have been planning time in my day for garden time as a stress release that keeps me in touch with my past and eases the cares of the day.

And watching the current news there is another reason to garden – after the fluke snow storm and power outage in Texas there are reports of food shortages , and bare shelves in grocery stores. We dont know what the future holds, why not begin growing our own so we have a stockpile in the event that something happens here. That said there are skills that need to be learned or improved – how to garden, how to can and preserve food, and how to maximize your yield based on the space you have.

If you are interested in blogs about either of these subjects i am delighted to share what i know. Leave a comment or send me an email.