the challenge

Inspired by the Meet the Maker March series, I developed a challenge for April which is titled Artist April. The goal of my instagram challenge is to explore the artist journey through photos about the interests, inspiration and work of an artist. As you learned through March, the life of an artist/maker is one that takes intention, inspiration and a love for what we do. My hope is that in April we peek back the curtain to see the mind and heart of those artists that contribute to beautifying and expressing the many facets of life.

So here is the challenge. If you are a maker or creative who keeps an instagram account wont you consider joining me in the month of April for this challenge. You dont have to do every day… but it would be fun to see who responds, and what we all do for art, inspiration, or down time. Wont you consider joining the chllenge?

Or just follow the hashtage #ArtistApril2021