Month: May 2021

Staying healthy in a crazy time

how do we stay healthy in a crazy time we live in? i am thinking about the obvious things we can do to stay healhty… explore my list

Walk in the Woods

There is something special about a walk through a lush forest – fresh scents of the pines, and the green leaves… energizing and restorative to the soul. Inspired by this experience we created a soap of that name which offers a fresh and clean scent, rich lather and gentle cleaning….

Did you know? Sunshine

Sunshine is something that we never take for granted. In Cleveland we have seasons of gray gloomy skies that affect us greatly. It is only when the sunshine becomes more consistent, and the temperatures are warmer that we fully appreciate the benefits of getting sunshine. Sunshine boosts your body’s level of serotonin, which is a chemical that improves your mood and helps you stay calm and focused. It is also know as Vitamin D, an essential vitamin to our health.

How are you handling life?

On January 1 of 2021 i think we all thought we were saying good bye to a pandemic crazy year, and hello to more of a normal year. But as the months roll on the news of our world seems to be continuing to spin out of the normal path, leaving us learning to cope with stress, and try to find new skills for getting through it. I have to be honest in that there are times when i feel a bit like a child wanting to yell “make it stop”, expecting a magical wand’s pass return us to a world we once understood. But it is clear that wont be happening.