Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

Patriotism has been something that’s been banned her down and gone in and out of favor in my lifetime. As a child, I remember every holiday like Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July we carefully unfurled our handstitched American flag, and displayed it on our front porch, but then there were those years one flags were not as commonly displayed. Somehow the placing of a flag in front of your house equated to a patriotic act.

Truthfully, patriotism is something deeper that comes from within our soul. Its the love of our nation, and of all the freedoms that have been given and healthy respect for history. Realizing the desperate peril that our founding fathers put themselves in to form the constitution , breaking away from all they knew, loss of their wealth and they’re standing in society to birth and new nation.

Patriotism, often means a healthy respect for truth, justice, and the right to live free. It’s knowing our Constitution, and treasuring the God-given rights we hold of Americans. In this age we live in now, patriotism seems to divide our nation, and that should not be so. I don’t know where you stand on your belief and patriotism, or whether or not you appreciate our nation, but I hope this causes you to think about it.