Favorite shoes

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

I’m not a materialistic girl, so this topic is tough. I think my favorite shoes were a pair of black surgeons crocks that I bought when I worked for a hospital. They fit perfectly and we’re so comfortable I forgot I had shoes on.

Not my cat- but those looked like my crocs!

In those years we did a bit of traveling so the shoes went with me on our adventures. They were great for going on big hikes, waterproof for those puddle hops, and all terrain to get me where I was going.

I must admit in my younger years I was quite shy of adventuring out into unfamiliar places alone, but oddly it was with that pair of shoes I first “fledged” out there while my hubby went off to his conference. It was Washington DC, and I was determined to see some of the new monuments, pay tribute at Arlington cemetery and visit a few museums. With a camera, and a small bag I headed out of my hotel and off to get on the metro. Landing near the mall I walked about, with people walking, playing football, and soaking in the sights. In an odd way those shoes were my courage.

All of those nagging concerns melted into opportunity to see more of the city, culminating in witnessing a military funeral of a marine corp colonial, Cason, horse with boots in stirrups backward, 21 gun salute and a military flyover of a marine corp harrier aircraft. that would have not been visible from the hotel.

Those shoes took me to fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco, and Muir Woods in Northern California. I even packed them with me to our trek through Zion national park, with my hubby.

Those shoes were nothing special… but somehow they were the catalyst for changing my heart and mind into a more bold adventurous person.

Sho what’s your shoe story?