Biggest challenges of the next 6 months

What is the biggest challenge you will face in the next six months?

Top of mind is the economy. Will it hold out or will we see the rampant inflation take on a huge role in all of our lives?

We are trusting that the economy will not go that far into a depression. And we are thankful we make soap. People always need soap!

The next big challenge is adjusting to our soon to be new studio. We were spoiled with a large studio on a shoestring budget, but the current market has caught up. We have to tighten up a bit and learn to function in 600 sq ft. Ah but there are windows and a view of the lake! What a wonderful thing.

And the third big challenge is developing new products to offer. We plan to add a few new scents of soap, and offer new items made with painted silk. Stay tuned for those details.

What are your challenges in the next 6 months?