Last difficult goodbye

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

Thinking through my life and trying to answer this question I realize that there have been a lot of goodbye said. I think the most difficult one for me was saying goodbye to my friend Jacqui, knowing that her health would not improve. Jackee was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer. It was less than a year from diagnosis to her passing. And trying to prepare for her departure. She spend a lot of energy connecting with all of her family and friends, and saying the slow goodbye.

Saying goodbye to someone while they are Still alive is an interesting conundrum. Knowing the aggressive form of cancer she had would take her life much sooner than we all hoped Mention never let an opportunity to talk with her, encourage her, remind her that she was a rare and special person. One of those conversations with ultimately be the last conversation and goodbye. In the last month of her life, she was bedridden in hospice and her brother was sheltering heard from too many visitors. So my last goodbye to her was well over a month before she passed.

She left this earth with nothing unsaid. It was the freedom that is not offered to everyone. She spoke her with each person, and while we grieve her lies on earth, we know there’s a peace in her because she is out of the suffering and in heaven. Jacqui was a strong Christian. She had hope that this life is not all there is to it…and heaven is now her reality.