Do you like Bergamont?

I am an old fan of Earl Gray tea, which was my first introduction to Bergamot. I knew nothing about it except i liked the taste. Well that changed as i researched further, finding that Bergamot is a rather ugly by our standards green citrus fruit grown primarily in the Mediterranean and specifically coastal Italy. the fruit resembles a swollen wrinkly orange but in vibrant green. The fruit itself was discovered in an interesting story – apparently water was at a ration and at one point someone refused to allow the farmers to water their orchards. the citrus trees seemed to dry up, and approach death when the rains came. As these things go, Bergamot grew larger, more abundant and provided bumper crops in their recovery from dehydration… and people started to research and use them in cooking and making products. Essential oil was one of the gifts this fruit gives. Researchers tell us there are so many health benefits. Here is one chart i found online.

In our soap making Bergamot adds a fresh citrus essence to our soap. We love the clean smell, and the knowledge that this essential oil allows for protection from microbials and bacteria. In soap we add this essential oil to Rose oil, offering a “not your grandma’s rose soap. The citrus note allows the rose to be a top note, and balances it with that earthy citrus.

Our newest soap that uses Bergamot is being introduced on our Open House on May 7th. The soap we are calling “the twist” is a gentle cold processed formula that is scented with bergamot and lemon. We are giving away free samples to everyone that visits our studio that day…. so be the first to try “the twist” and give us your feedback.

We are also very excited to introduce our new “mini soap molds” that feature a sunflower and our name. Its a fresh take on the mini soaps that have been so popular in the past. We are bringing them back and looking forward to having a good stock of them throughout the summer.

what do you know about bergamot?  today we are investigating the benefits of this lesser known citrus fruit.