Frequent emotion

What positive emotion do you feel most often?

A sense of belonging and the satisfaction that comes from knowing that I am accepted, and a part of the lives of others. Emotion would be satisfied peace.

There were times in life where I just did not feel like I fit in…. The school clique excluded me because I was not “———“. Inadequate, not like the others, and either disrespected or not wanted. These clique-ish mindsets can breed a lot of negative emotion. When school ended I began to find my own self, and find a tribe of people that accepted me and encouraged me.

Growing older has a few benefits- as you process life you can see patterns emerge, and I have come to realize all is not as it seems. Those cliques I was never allowed into happened for a wide variety of thoughts: insecurity, fear, and misunderstanding. And it’s all too easy to take it personal. But the truth is the problem is not me. It’s something in the brain of that person. They are sharing pain, or preventing themself from being hurt.

So the lesson is love everyone, be kind and know that your tribe is there. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is accepting and showing love to the one that rejects you. Do it anyway!! They may learn what acceptance and belonging is.