Month: October 2023

Tough Business Decisions

We loaded up the shop with our full line of soap, paid our monthly rental to be there, and hoped for greatness. Each month a check would come for small amounts, but always more than the rent we were paying. Until this year!!!! Stock was 

What’s up with Birch Tar?

Back in May we participated in a garden art festival at Old Brooklyn Greenhouse where we met a Mother/Daughter who now live in the area, but were from Eastern Europe. They asked if we had ever heard of Birch Tar soap. They told us how 


No, I am not calling someone names.  Thieves is the unique blend of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oil.  And it’s an essential oil blend that comes with an interesting back story.  Popularized by one of those small essential oil distribution companies, 

We are having a sale

It’s fall y’all and we want to celebrate with every purchase made online. We added holiday scents like cranberry fig, gift of the maji, evergreen pine,and Festival of Lights. Take advantage of the sale between October 15 through November 5 only. Visit our shop