Tough Business Decisions

We loaded up the shop with our full line of soap, paid our monthly rental to be there, and hoped for greatness. Each month a check would come for small amounts, but always more than the rent we were paying. Until this year!!!! Stock was full, but sales were slim. Last month when the check came it was a whopping $7.00. Business always has to trump everything. When we are loosing money having our things in a gallery the decision was a lot easier. Lets reposition it where there are sales to match the interest in our product. Quietly i still wonder if other people met the buzz saw of grumpyness exhibited by one of the gallery owners. How can you be grumpy surrounded by the beauty of artistic amazingness?

Several years ago a friend insisted we look into a little east side gallery to see if there would be a fit to carrying our soap and handpainted silk. The funny thing was i had approached them when they were locate in another East Side town because it looked like a fun hub of creativity. The contact i spoke with was a bit curt and left me wondering about the interaction. After they moved, and my friend insisted i had to go i followed up, met with the gallery owner, found a suitable space and she would only take Steve’s soap. Apparently someone paints silk already, and she did not want competition. No worries.